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Who Are You Hiring?

What makes YHR different is who we interact with and how we interact with them. Most background screening companies will interface with a couple different data providers in an effort to ease administrative and programming demands as well as leveraging economies of scale to their benefit. The problem is the quality of your report will likely suffer and you will never know the difference.

In an effort to provide the very best investigation possible, YHR has integrated with over 50 different data providers and will intuitively route your requests to the best solution. The result is the most efficient, timely, and comprehensive search available.

National Criminal Background Check

Criminal records from all 50 states are included with a 50 state Sexual Offender search that has the subjects personal description. This report provides a detailed, easy to read, summary of felony and misdemeanor offenses. All Criminal Searches also include the O.F.A.C. Search which provides information regarding individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries. It searches for information regarding individuals such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers. In addition, all YHR criminal reports are carefully and individually adjudicated by one of our criminal experts meaning no false positives or long lists of records to sort through.

County Criminal Searches remain the most accurate source of reporting criminal records. YHR researches potential criminal records for each applicant on a county-by-county basis as defined by the customer. Each county may charge an individual county access fee which can vary greatly from county to county.

While county criminal searches that are not included in our national search remain manual, some of them are available on-line, while others are only accessible through court runners. A manual on-line search takes one of our verifiers 3-30 minutes. A manual runner search typically takes 24 hours, however, the manual runner process can take up to 72 hours.

YHR utilizes many different court runners and court runner companies. This reduces costs and provides the customer with a quicker and more accurate result. We feel it is important to work with individuals who understand the complexities and operations of each court. That local and regional presence pays big dividends in speed, accuracy, and thoroughness. Other background screening companies will contract with one nationwide court runner company to simplify operations and reduce costs.

Credit Report

This report is provided in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its use is restricted for the use of extending credit to potential residents for the purpose of living in an apartment community or in a rental property. Each applicant must sign a consent form prior to obtaining a credit report. Also note, Credit Scores can be provided on Credit Reports upon request and for a nominal additional fee.

  •  Provides a summary of all reported credit activity
  • Provides a complete itemization of account activity identifies apartment collections
  • Verifies social security number
  • Verifies date of birth
  • Provides OFAC terrorist alert
  • Equates good/bad credit ratios.

Credit review and summarization on all credit reports for you

MVR Search

Motor Vehicle Reports provide a wealth of personal data that can be used for cross-reference, and criminal offenses pertaining to motor vehicles which may not be revealed by other criminal checks. MVR reports are highly recommended on all applicants, especially those who drive company vehicles or use their personal vehicle for company purposes. Motor vehicle reports are restricted by law and may only be used for screening job applicants as defined by the FCRA, under permissible purpose.

These reports are now available in most states instantaneously. Manual MVR’s typically take 4-48 hours, depending on state. Three states require specific state forms to be filled out and signed by the applicant prior to the request. States include:

  • Pennsylvania
  • New Hampshire
  • Washington

Social Security Search

Acting as an identifier, this search can reveal present and past addresses, employers and aliases. This trace would make you aware of any incongruous applicant information.

  • Verifies Social Security Number and Date of Birth
  • Reveals present and past addresses
  • Reveals present and past employers
  • Reveals any aliases
  • Reveals any contradictory information, allowing you better evaluation of applicant

Social security traces bring a great deal of value to the report and are very economical. The product helps validate information provided and also significantly helps validating and adjudicating criminal records. We strongly urge every customer to order this product. YHR provides a variety of different social security trace products from several different vendors which can also be combined with other searches as part of a package product.

Workers Comp Injury Search

Workers’ Compensation reports provide information on an applicant regarding previous injuries occurring in a work place by searching prior workers’ compensations claims. These reports are useful in showing proof of previous injury, however, by law, can not be used to discriminate against hiring an individual. Furthermore, these checks are not available in some states.

What is supplied in a Workers’ Compensation Report?

Injury date and time
Nature of injury
Body part(s) involved
Medical Status
Adjudication Dates (if applicable)
Type of Settlements (if applicable
Employment Verification and History

We verify dates of employment, position, salary, and reason for leaving and we also obtain a recommendation. Process completion time typically ranges from 24-72 hours.

Supervisor Reference

Our verification staff can additionally interview an employee’s previous or current supervisor to attain vital information relating to attendance and performance. All information attained is in strict accordance with your criteria. Process completion time typically ranges from 24-72 hours.

Education Verification and Credentials

An estimated one-third of all employment applicants falsify information about their educational background. Our research analysts contact the applicant’s indicated registrar’s office to verify the dates of attendance, area of studies, and degrees attained. Process completion time typically ranges from 24-72 hours.

Professional Licensing

It is not uncommon for applicants to misrepresent themselves as being the holder of a state or federally issued professional license. Our researchers contact the applicable governing body and verify the required information pertaining to the issuance of any particular license. Process completion time typically ranges from 24 – 72 hours.

Drug Testing Compliance

While constitutional constraints generally do not apply to the private sector, employee privacy considerations have led many states to regulate drug testing of employees and applicants.

Generally, the state laws require employers to have reasonable or probable cause to believe that the employees being asked to submit to the testing are using drugs on the job or are under the influence of drugs while on the job. Also, the laws require employers to establish written drug testing policies in places where employees and applicants will see them. Although some of the laws restrict drug testing of both applicants and employees, many of the laws merely set out guidelines for how testing is to be conducted.

Do you know the laws of your state?

YHR will keep you compliant with:

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Drug Testing
  • Compliant HR Procedures Guidance, Resources, and Tools
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