History of Your HR Resource

Your HR Resource is a privately held boutique consulting firm based in Norman, Oklahoma specializing in Employee Relations, Anti-discrimination training, Employee Complaint Investigations, Policies & Procedures, Compliance, and Employee Health & Wellness Benefits.  We began as an internal HR Department in the auto industry before incorporating in 2006. This has given us the advantage of being in your shoes; knowing firsthand what your expectations are so that we can promptly and effectively deliver results to your doorstep. Unlike other brokerage/consulting firms, our human resource services are unique, comprehensive, practical and effective tools, training, and strategies to get your business on the right compliance track and keep it there.  Our clients cover a broad range of industries and our goal is to help you focus on your core business!

A Message from the President

I know what it feels like to be you!

As a new employee at an organization several years ago, I wondered what my benefits were so I asked like anyone would. I was given a circular answer and sent on my way. Next, because my job title held the word “manager”, someone inadvertently gave me a manager benefit that apparently I wasn’t supposed to have. This was soon taken from me. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I also wondered why these people didn’t have their act together.

Later, when I made the transition to the human resource profession, I remembered my experiences as an employee at that company and realized that now I was in a position to make a difference in the lives of employees who sought to be trained and educated. I also wanted to impact the lives of owners and managers who didn’t either have the time or want to take the time to develop policies, procedures, benefits, or training and development for their employees; or maybe they just simply didn’t see the value in it.

Working as a Director of Human Resources prior to starting my own company, I negotiated insurance and benefits contracts and had no telling how many sales professionals knocking at my door for the slightest opportunity to get me interested in their product. Many times, I felt myself thinking: just get to the point already. What is the cost and what can you do for me? I vowed to never put a client of mine in that position. That’s just reality.

I know your discomfort on many levels because I have been there and I have never forgotten.

Your HR Resource is intended to help you, the HR professional, turn around and help the employees who are your customers. They look to you and you can look to us – Your HR Resource – for practical, no-nonsense guidance on the employment issues you face everyday because we know their questions and we know your frustrations.

We are here to help – to be Your HR Resource.
Laura Moxley, SPHR - read bio »
Founder and President





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